Organize yourself and
get rid of the old controls

Double efficiency, have more time and create an organization routine
of the team, where everyone has a shared vision of the work.

Do you know that feeling of having more than one company within the same company?

Operate more efficiently and with organization, is that what you want for your team? for your company?

How many times have you heard from employees, whether from the same department or not, that people deliver in isolated ways? One person on the team is not sure what others are working on and there is that feeling of having more than one company within the same company.

And when everyone is working in different places, it is even more difficult to keep up with the progress of your projects and ensure that the work is moving forward.

It is quite possible that when you think about goals and objectives, an idea that is a little distant from your daily life, far from what is possible for you to accomplish now, comes to mind.

Establishing daily focuses to help achieve the larger goal is what we are talking about.

When we talk about strategic management and team management, we will soon try to set expectations to be achieved, but it is important to take care, as plans quickly get off track during the daily routine.

With a simple tool you will be able to organize daily, weekly and monthly focuses relating them to the larger goal of the organization and the team, always moving to the next step.

Increase the efficiency of your team and implement transparent management. Make your process accurate and predictable.

  • Alignment

  • Time

  • Productivity

  • Profit

Inevitably the alignment in the planning determines the reduction of costs for the organization, greater efficiency in the processes and an improvement in the productivity of the employees.

Before explaining how to increase productivity / revenue through employee synchrony, let’s delve into what is the worst problem for companies that are growing.


Have you ever stopped to think how much time you and your team spend on unproductive meetings? What about the daily meetings that came up to “control” remote work?

Do you remember the hours wasted in team meetings to discuss items you don’t need? Isn’t it exhausting?

What about not having a clear vision of what is happening, not having a history of the team’s focus. Activities are dispersed across different controls and standards? Are you comfortable with that?

And what about micromanagement and bureaucracy within remote work? How much time and money is being wasted because you are not controlling the schedule and the team deliveries? Especially when you live on the run and with millions of other things to do.

This causes a misalignment between the projects, which consequently generates huge and unnecessary unproductivity.


We conducted a survey earlier this month that sought to understand what are the main pains and desires of managers and leaders today. The difficulty in aligning employees with the company’s objectives was highlighted.

For 49% of managers, the biggest complaint is that not all employees have visibility of the objective that must be achieved, whether from the same team or from other areas.

Employees indicate that a major difficulty is to ensure greater synergy in all departments. Another fact that caught our attention was that another 13% affirm that there is a gap between hierarchical levels, thus causing gaps in communication.

How to create synchrony in the team to be more efficient, productive and achieve goals?

Take a break now and reflect on your daily work and team. See how there are problems, delays and losses due to lack of alignment, right?

There is no reason to continue with inefficient processes. Many managers still don’t understand that optimizing processes can save a lot of time and still get rid of a lot of headaches.

If you understand this, you can build an aligned, connected and efficient environment.

Simplify your work. Feito is an agile solution that allows you to focus on how people are doing and not what people are working on.

Stay connected to move projects forward. Automatically ensure synchrony and alignment between employees and the organization through daily check-ins.

Keep deliveries under control and staff on schedule. Know how each one is working on and create the focus for the day, aiming to achieve the biggest goal.

Where everyday life connects with strategy.
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